Top Breweries in Boone

From the innovative craftmanship of Lost Province Brewing Co. to the rustic charm of Appalachian Mountain Brewery, each establishment offers not only a unique array of flavors but also a sense of community. Learn more about the top breweries in Boone, NC.

Aug 28, 2023


Appalachian Mountain Brewery

Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Boone’s oldest brewery, is located 5 minutes outside of downtown Boone. AMB was acquired CBA in 2018, but in recent years, the original owners bought the company back in order to be able to stay innovative and flexible. They primarily brew beer and cider and with a southern twist. Their location in Boone features a taproom and a large outdoor beer garden where patrons can enjoy live music, games, and events. 


Booneshine originally opened in Boone in 2015 in a smaller location and then opened their existing location today in 2019. They have a large outdoor beer garden and spacious indoor seating. Booneshine offers spectacular food with a full restaurant inside – well known for their soft pretzel, burger and hot honey chicken sandwich. They also have a food truck outside with a limited menu. Booneshine is one of our favorite breweries and a great place to either go out with friends or family! 

Lost Providence Brewing

Lost Providence is located both in downtown Boone as well as East Boone where they recently opened up a new taproom. They serve exceptional wood fired Pizza and their location in downtown is great to go to before the big game or if you are checking out the downtown area. The owners of the company have been home brewing since the 1990s and believe in a fair wage, paying all employees at least $15 per hour.


You can’t go wrong with any of these breweries or locations and we recommend trying all three if you have the chance. These aren’t just breweries – they’re the heart and soul of Boone’s good times, where you can kick back, savor awesome beers, and soak up the local vibes all at once. Cheers to brews, Boone style!

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